Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wesley 16mo

Wesley is now 16th months old!! (as of July 10th). He is full of life and energy. He knows so much that sometimes I don't even know what he knows. He can pick up on things instantly. Like just yesterday we taught him how to dip chips. Ok that might be minor but it was still cute! He LOVES to color. On paper or outside.

He is no longer afraid of climbing down stairs. He can do that without help.
He LOVES dogs, especially when we go tot he park to play he wants to run, pet or chase all of them! And he loves our dog Lucky who doesn't seem to be bothered by Wesley at all which is great.
He has had an ear infection, and been sick 1 time other than that.
No new words but he does know most of his body parts (eyes and toes are new) and also knows what a potty is, the lights (looks up and points), and he can turn the lights on and off too.

Hes still picky about food. Not into spaghetti. Veggies are a hit or miss. Same with meats. But he will eat ground venison, which is awesome! I've been using it for cooking since we ran out of ground beef.

He loves to push his stroller around instead of being in his stroller.
He will hand us a lot of things. If we ask him to give us what he has he will.

He wears 18-24 month clothing.
Size 6 shoes

He is a lot of fun to have around. He definitely has an attitude, throws EVERYTHING, and yells when he doesn't get his way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 months old

Wesley turned 15 months last Thursday. His vocabulary has improved and he knows so much!

  • He LOVES fruit still, especially cantaloupe.
  • Certain veggies he spits out, but eats most of them such as mixed veggies, green beans, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peas.
  • Words he says are: this ("dis"), cookie ("coouk"), mom ("mum"), shoes ("shus"), hot ("dott") and still signs milk, please, more, and all done. Most of the time he points to things when he wants something.
  • He knows what a ball is, binky, books (he can turn the pages when asked), outside (he runs to the door), elmo, cookie monster, juice.
  • Just recently he started to love coloring on paper and outside with sidewalk chalk. I know hes going to LOVE vacation in a few days and spending the majority of the time outside @ the park, swimming, or coloring.
  • Bed and naptime are wonderful. He goes down without a fight and still is on a schedule. He naps in the afternoon after lunch until about 3 or 4.
  • He knows a few of his body parts such as nose, ears, tongue, belly button, and hair.
  • Hes mastered using a straw.
  • He doesn't just walk, he RUNS, and walks backwards too.
  • We don't have a lot of stairs in the house but he can climb the stairs we do have but is still afraid of climbing down. He always wants one of us to hold his hand so he can walk down it.
  • He has all 16 teeth.
  • He is 32" tall, and 25lbs. 
He loves to be outside. We spend a lot of our time out there running around, coloring with sidewalk chalk, bike rides, swinging @ the park and just enjoying the weather. Since our summer is so short here in wyoming we really have to take advantage every single day!!

Here is a beautiful photo of Wesley showing me his watermelon =)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Molars are no fun

UGHHHHHHHHH have you ever typed up an entire post for it not to publish and blogger didn't save it!!!! Well it just happened.

Damn f**king blogger.

Wesley now has 11 molars @ 13 months. Crazy. And his molars have taken a toll on him big time. So today we took a little trip to Saratoga (about 90 miles) and he literally screamed bloody murder the entire time. Nothing helped...

So we get there and low and behold its a poopy diaper. We change the poops, give him a snack and drink and figure were good to go. And while we were there we saw the ducks (wesleys favorite animal).

The car ride home was a disaster. Normally he naps from about 1-3 or 4 but since we were out of town I thought he would sleep there and then back. WRONG. He slept 20 min there. And 0 minutes back. He screamed and cried the entire time. So I climbed in the back seat (and no I wasn't driving :P) and tried to rub his head, give him more of a snack and drink and keep his binky in, play with his learning book...NOTTA. I knew he was exhausted. And during one of his crying spells I noticed the 3rd molar that had come in on the bottom.

Well there is the problem. I knew the molars were painful. Poor kiddo.

So we get home just after 5p..Laid him down for a short nap (I figured he would sleep about an hour or so, then get up for dinner )...WRONG AGAIN. He is still sleeping...So many times I just wanted to go in there, and wake him to eat. I feel so bad but I don't want to wake him because that would just be a disaster ever more..
I would have given him teething tablets in the car to help or some medicine for the headache I'm sure he had...but I had nothing...PLUS all the medicine is recalled so I have to return it.

Sometimes there isn't anything I can do...and yes many times I just wanted to get out of the car and walk the 90 miles back home so I wouldn't have to listen to it....but I'm so glad hes in bed now so I can relax.

But I better set my alarm for 7am because I can guarantee he will be up STARVING.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

J-Lo booty

Wesley has been walking for almost 3 months now. Crazy how time flies and how I need to start video taping more and taking more photos (because I just don't do as much as I want). The weather has been on and off these last couple weeks. Hardly any nice weather, but mostly rain, snow, hail, sleet, and WIND. I've missed going outside....Anyways back to my point. Ever since Wesley started walking he NEVER used a walker. And then all of a sudden a couple days ago he just started pushing it around. It was so funny to see. He always wanted to play with the things on it, and I would show him what to do with it but he just never did it. I think its soo funny. He runs into everything, especially our feet and it hurts too! He isn't gently when he pushes the thing around. He gets stuck a lot too and gets mad and then tips it over.
And I don't have a photo of him pushing it around but I should!! Or atleast some video. 

And also I've been cloth diapering now for 2 weeks? I can't even remember. But its great! Its not the cleanest job but I love knowing I'm helping the earth. Kyle thinks wesley now has a J-Lo booty because of the diapers. True they are bulkier than a disposable. And the ones we use are prefolds so of course they are going to be extra chunkier. But maybe when we add some pocket and AIO diapers to our collection then they won't be so bulky. Who knows, I've never tried one before.

What do you think? Hehehehe. 



Ok bedtime.

Monday, April 12, 2010

13 months

Happy 13th months Wesley. (i know i know...i'm a day late.)
Mealtime has gotten a lot better. I've added a lot of different things to his plate and avoid the fruit until last so it gives him a chance to eat his meat n veggies.

Favorites this month

  • Orange juice
  • any fruits still
  • animal crackers
  • sweet pickles
  • french fries!
  • bagels with cream cheese he just devours.
  • he will eat veggies but each day is different. corn, gb, peas are usually not thrown on the floor.
  • same with meats. chicken nuggets seem to be a hit.

  • Rubber ducks are still a favorite.
  • He pretty much plays with everything.
  • Walks and the park.
  • Throwing the ball.
  • Swimming
In need of new crafts and activies. Maybe try coloring again.

  • Old MacDonald
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Happy & you know it.
I really need to learn more songs that are interactive. Any ideas??

  • Bubbles bubbles. (a new sesame street book.)
  • Tazmanian Devil
But I try to read other books on his shelf as well.

A new thing is saying oww oww all the time. There arent any other words. Still signs all done, milk, please, more (occasionally).

Also his first molar came in on the top left which has made him pretty cranky during the day, and wakes up a bit more at night (but I let him put himself to sleep most of the time.)

Can't wait for the days to stay warmer longer and then go on bike rides again.

Friday, March 26, 2010

One year ago.

2 weeks ago Wesley celebrated his 1st birthday! So much happened this last year. Just the last month he has learned to much.

He now understands and signs: please, no, all done, milk, more, night night and yummy. I love how quickly he picks up on things. Those are pretty much the only signs I've taught him, besides Thank you which he doesnt sign yet. Time to get new words to teach! He also says duh (duck), mama, dada, eieio (when your singing old McDonald), no, and sometimes yay-yo (here you go). He understands more than what he can say. He spins when you say round and round, brushes his hair, tilts his head to talk on the phone, does a ton of tongue copying, growls when hes read one of his new favorite books Tasmanian Devil (thank you kristi and john!), claps his hands when you sing "if your happy and you know it", and so much more!

His walking has really improved. He loves to follow people and run around. Its great because it wears him out. We did a lot of walking while grandma kim was visiting.

Meal time has gotten tougher. He is really picky now, darn it! I was hoping he would eat everything, but now he rejects most veggies, meats and cheese. He loves his fruit especially grapes, bananas, and applesauce. Occasionally he will eat chicken or green beans and eggs but its just really tough and I wish he would eat everything like he did just a few weeks ago!!
He likes when I feed him baby food again, mostly the fruits but also sweet potatoes and squash. I'd really like him to learn how to use a spoon. I haven't worked with him on that too much because he just isn't ready. He takes anything that is in a bowl or plate, dumps it out and then throws that plate or bowl with a spoon on the floor.

As far as favorite toys go he pretty much plays with everything. He has way too many toys but its so hard to get rid of things because he does play with it all. Its mainly just a space issue. Right now his favorite toys are scout (the dog), his ducky that sings, elmo live, balls, and his elmo airplane.

Bathtime is still his favorite time of day. He just loves his ducks and the water. I've been taking him to the pool a little bit more and hes really loving it. We've started doing a little bit of under water dunks. Blowing in his face first so he will hold his breath and the dunking under. We go again tomorrow and I'm very excited!

He has grown up so fast and I just miss those moments when he would fall asleep on my chest, play contently on the floor or in his bouncer, not reject food or shake his head no. Come back little man, don't grow up so fast. A mother can dream can't she. But I'm enjoying the time, taking pictures to capture the moments, blogging about memories. Because someday I will forget and I need to write it down to remember.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Almost One Year!

I'm not even sure how I made him laugh in this photo but I liked it because you can see most of his teeth!
P.S I apologize for the hairy legs

On our walk. It was a beautiful average day for the Wyoming winter.

One of Wesleys favorite things to do. He always seems to peek under him.

He is in love with ducks. If you ask him where it is he will go look for it and bring it back to you. This is the one he doesn't have in the tub and carries it everywhere.

He is growing up way too fast. Next week he will be 1. Seriously?

Some things I wanted to point out. 
  1. He took his first steps a few days before 11 months and has been walking non stop ever since. (Kyle walked at 9mo and I walked at 13mo. Right in the middle!)
  2. He is completely weened of lunch time nursing. Thank you Jesus!! Its not that I didn't want to nurse (because I still do), but I don't have to stress about lunch time feedings or if I'm not home and pumping. It just makes it easier. It wasn't easy for awhile. He refused whole milk, and then I started to add a bit of sugar free chocolate (not the best idea) to his milk and he loved that, but it was a mess. He exploded out of his diapers constantly, so I decided to try it again w/o the chocolate and it worked. I wanted to just give up but I knew it was for the best so I'm glad that he knows what to expect for lunchtime now.
  3. He likes to point. If I point at something, then he will point right back. 
  4. Hes a very good sharer. He even trys to share with our new dog, Cleatus (pic on the family blog)
  5. Still practicing with a spoon. He would rather I feed him. He gets mad sometimes when I try to let him to it himself.
  6. Just recently became picky about certain foods. The cheeseburger hamburger helper he kept spitting out, and a quesadilla which he usually loves. Fruits and veggies are never a fight. He loves them.
  7. His vocab isn't the best. I really only can make out 4 words. Yep, no, mama, dada. He trys to say dog, but it comes out something else. Da i think. Same with duck. And ball. Knows what they are but doesn't sound like word. Were working on it.
  8. He likes to play in the dog water. And when I call him by his first/middle name & NO he always says "ooooo" with that O expression on his face. Cute, but then he does it again. 
His doc appt isn't until the 15th I believe so I won't know measurements until then. His birthday party is Sunday the 14th. So exciting!!